Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Some where over here in Ohio,go Bucks and Buckeyes. Man it is like 75 and perfect every day now..

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Delightful, wonderful, completely enjoyable,glorious global Bloggers

Are you a lady fashion blogger!One thing i like about this internet thingy.It is blog surfing via Google Blogger blogs.Blogger blogs are interesting to me. It is more exciting than than surfing social sites in the massive growing global cyber world. (its a marketing thing or the fact Buzzirk Bryan is now officially an older crazy uncle dude.)
Now, this is only an opinion but women rule this blogger blog world. Some say they rule the globe, period.If i ever had a doubt,surfing blogs for a long time affirmed this view. (Not the view !.) Now,many of the beautiful blogger babes are fashion bloggers Now,for a marketing tip for folks using Blogger from B.Bryan. Many bloggers on Blogger have not added a Google Circle's profile. Have you spent any time building up your profile on Google plus?
Is it high on your agenda in the short run? Is the blog just for fun?
It may now be time for folks who are using Google  services to snag a Google + account.(ez with a blogger site) look on the top right......
As a result of of grabbing a Google plus account and folks interaction through it, Google will build up more knowledge about you and your network and will increasingly individualize search results. In internet marketing that is a good thang.  This means that the results of a search displayed will be unique to you based on your interests, interaction and network and new views . More Traffic from folks interested in your blog.  For the ladies ,fashion amigos may be  the ticket.(may be wrong but i'm just saying possible...)
Please tell me the level of passion for fashion with a comment. Comments on your fondness for football welcome...   thanks and massive success2u p.s if your dude is reading this post may i inquire how?